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Is This New Penis Pump Any Good at Fixing Penis Curvature? A Reader Finds Out!

If you've read through this site much, you know I'm an advocate of using a penis stretcher for helping curb penis curve. But it caught my eye when I saw a new penis pump - Penomet - claiming it could help fix curvature and increase size. Not at all familiar with peins pumps, I knew this warranted a closer look.

Penomet Review

What the Penomet Penis Pump Claims It Can Do

The manufacturer of the Penomet makes some impressive promises like:

  • Scientifically proven to work
  • Straightens BENT penises (of particular interest to this site, obviously)
  • 1-3 inches in penis length gain
  • 30% increase in shaft thickness
  • Stronger more powerful erections
  • Bigger penis after just one session
  • One Year Money Back Guarantee

Some lofty claims indeed! Except these guys wouldn't be the first to exaggerate how good their product is. I wanted it put to the test in the real world. Problem is - I'm happy with my current status. Thanks to my years of manual exercises and using a stretcher, I have, in my opinion - a near perfect dick. And frankly, penis pumps sort of scare me. So I reached out to a long time reader of the site who is always up for trying anything. His name is Pete, and he said he'd review the Penomet pump for the site if I footed the bill. I agreed, and his (unedited) experience is below.

Pete's Penomet Review

First thanks to SYP for this opportunity. I'm always looking to try new stuff out in the quest for a flawless wiener. My primary goal is to completely eliminate my left curvature. I've used some exercises / stretchers with some success but I'm not quite there and progress has been stalled. And of course any increase in size would be stupendous. Okay with that out of the way...

Boy was I excited when the doorbell rang. It was my free Penomet. It had only been a few days since I'd arranged to review it for SYP. Since that time I'd spent a lot of time on their (slick) website looking at the claims and imagining all of them working for me. Perhaps I was only setting myself up for disappointment but I couldn't wait to get started.

So I signed with the UPS guy and was left to my own device. I immediately tore into the brown nondescript box. Greeting me was this foreign looking dildo like thing. If I didn't know it was a penis pump, I would have guessed it was a sex toy or a new age rice cooker. I was expecting more hoses, like a bicycle pump. But no, this thing was pretty cool looking with it's brightly colored bases (what I learned later are called "gaiters") and sleek, clear cylinder top. It was a penis pump for Venus.

Okay enough rambling, let's get this thing strapped on! What was first evident was how easy it was to use. I've messed with a few penis stretchers in my day. They can be really good in places, but man can they be a pain to get used to wearing / operating. Not this thing. You simply choose your desired base (start with the beginner one, for me it's purple), attach it to the main cylinder, and put over you penis. Then you "pump" action the cylinder a few times.

WOW! Right away is this strong pressure or sucking. It is creating a vacuum and your dick is the dirt being slurped up. I must say, quite an unusual sensation the first time. Like nothing I've felt before. The instructions tell you to re-pump every so often for a total of 15 minutes or so and then end your session. I did just that and took off my new penis pump.

I looked down at my penis and it was noticeably plump. It was a bit more red than usual, too. Overall, it looked pretty good and it was clear the pump had at least "worked" it. I wasn't sure what that would mean long-term though. I decided right then to whack-off and my erection was real nice and hard. Maybe not bigger than usual but definitely at its max firmness. It was bursting at the seams.

My Thoughts after ONE month with the PUMP

Okay for the sake of you, the reader, I'm going to try and wrap up my overall comments and results in a somewhat concise manner after one month of use. I've been steady at sticking to a 6-day pump schedule, then taking one day for rest (more or less). At the minimum I'll do one 15 minute session per day, and when I have time I'll squeeze one session in the morning and one at night.

So... what's it been like for me?


My erections are rock solid! Like my dick is on steroids. Every time I use it I can just feel it working and can't wait to see my next erection. I didn't take exact measurements (oops, over eager) but I would guess about 1/3 inch length AND girth gains. Now, did it help my left leaning curve? Hard to say right now. I'd venture and say a tiny bit, but it's not super noticeable. Still I'm hopeful it will straighten it out further. Clearly it's altering the shape, so there's no reason to believe it isn't capable of straightening.

So if you're looking for SIZE gains and harder erections, I don't think there's been any product like this. Go for it! If you are strictly interested in straightening, it might work, but I'd stick to exercises and a good stretcher.


- Pete

My Final Thoughts on Penomet

Well, there you have it. A special thanks to Pete for being a guinea pig on this. I was so pleased he enjoyed himself so thoroughly. It should be interesting to see how he progresses going forward. I'll try and come back with an update for you!

If you are interested in learning more about the Penomet for yourself, then click here to learn more and for special offers.


Click Here To Visit the Official Penomet Website

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