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How To Straighten Your Penis

Other Straightening Methods

Penis Surgery

World's #1 Penis StraightenerSurgery is a viable option for men with more severe curvatures (likely Peyronie's Disease). Of course any surgery comes with the possibility of complications and penis surgery is especially tricky. It is also, not surprisingly, quite expensive. Any decision to go with surgery should be made in consultation with professionals!

Herbal Pills

Certain herbs can be effective at improving blood flow and in cases of Peyronie's, might help with pain and possibly curvature, but like enlargement, there is no one magical pill that will do all the work. Personally, I take Gingko and Ginseng sometimes (available at any health store) and feel they aid in my general penis health by increasing blood flow.

Some herbs that may be beneficial for overall guy health:

* Shilajit
* Ashwagandha
* Kaunch Beej
* Safed Mushali
* Gotu Kola
* Ginseng
* Yoshimbe bark
* Damiana leaves
* Gingko

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