How To Straighten Your Penis

Using Natural Penis Exercises to Straighten

If you are at all serious about straightening (or enlarging for that matter) then a good exercise program is a great place to start! They are easy to do, relatively safe, and most importantly - fairly effective at straightening a penis curve.

Advantages of Exercises
  • Medium success rate. While exercises alone might not totally abolish the curve, they will almost certainly reduce it.
  • Relatively low investment in terms of time and money. Once you know the right techniques, all you need is your hands, your unit, and perhaps some lubrication.
  • Relatively quick with visual results often seen in a month, and can continue as long as needed.
  • You will see size gains in addition to curve reduction.

Disadvantages of Doing Natural Exercises to Straighten
  • Possibility of injury. Just use caution and take it slow (especially when starting).
  • Not as effective as a good penis stretcher.

What are the Best Exercise Programs?

Curved Penis Fix

There is only one exercise package I've encountered that is solely designed for fixing penis curve, and it's a good one! is an eBook that clearly outlines the most effective exercises for straightening penis curve. It then incorporates these exercises into daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

If you follow their guide, I think you'll be surprised at what can be done with just your hand! It's actually kinda fun, but be sure to take it slow and stick to the program.

Overall, a nice product that's reasonably priced and includes some sweet bonuses. Check them out here.

Tips for Success

You need to be fairly consistent with your program. This doesn't mean every day necessarily (in fact most programs have rest days) or that if you miss a day, then all progress is lost. No, it just means you need to be somewhat regular with it. Those long neck tribes people didn't wake up like that after one session! =)

Second, you need to not only be doing the best exercises to achieve your goals, but you need to know you are doing them right. This is why a good instructional site program like Curved Penis Fix is highly recommended.

It's all about deciding you want to do it and then taking that first step. I don't think you'll be disappointed, and if you are like me, you might end up really enjoying your exercise routine. There is nothing like seeing your penis improve in front of your eyes!

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