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How To Straighten Your Penis

My Own Penis Straightening Story

Hey guys, Dick Happy here. I don't use my real name because I don't particularly want this page coming up in the search engines when I'm searched. But that is my real picture to the right. If you are here reading this, then you are obviously interested in the topic and I'm happy to show you ME!

Growing up With a Curved Penis

I've always had a penis curve that was to the left and downwards, although it was more prominent to the left. It was severe enough that it made me extremely self-conscious. It curved somewhat when flaccid, but became much more noticeable when fully erect. I was shy about it in the locker room (played hockey), and was even given the name "Captain Hook" in middle high. You can imagine what that did to my already low penis esteem. Thanks guys for that one.

Girls were also an issue. It took me longer than it should have to get up the courage with my first. Of course it turned out to be fine, and some girls actually liked it, but I still wanted better for myself. I dreamed of a straighter, and frankly bigger, penis (I was slightly above average size wise).

So, six or so months ago I started researching the issue. Was it possible to straighten one's penis? That was the question. As you might know by now, I was continually finding myself in the realm of natural penis enlargement. Again, you know if you've read my how to straighten section, this is because the principles for straightening and enlarging a penis are the same. Both require that element of physicality.

I Try Out Some Penis Exercises

I thought maybe there was something to the penis exercises. I had read about seemingly real people having success with both enlargement and curvature reduction. I picked up some of the more popular exercises from articles and forums, namely the classic jelq, and went to work. After a month or so, I had mixed feelings. I thought maybe my unit was looking better, definitely a bit bigger, but I wanted more.

Not sure where to go, my friend recommended Penis Health to me. He told me it had helped him with size and he noticed they also had specific programs for curvature reduction. I joined for a lifetime membership, and was surprised at the amount of stuff I did not know. Not to mention I had been doing some basic exercises WRONG!

My Second Attempt at Exercises

After a full month of using the Penis Health program, my progress was really coming along. My unit was definitely straighter and bigger. It was looking just all around better. I'd say at this point my curve had been reduced by about 20%. I was doing my routine 2 days on and 1 day off and it took anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Remember guys, this isn't totally effortless, and considering what I'd achieved - that's time well spent.

I Step up My Efforts With an Extender

X4 Labs Penis StretcherAfter my third month (that's two months with Penis Health) my unit was looking awesome, but still had a reduced curve and there wasn't nearly the change between month two and three that I saw between month one and two. I started looking into stretchers. Before long, I had ordered my first ever - the X4 Labs Stretcher.

Final Results

I wore the stretcher pretty steadily for the last 3 months and continued with the exercises. My final results are really nothing less than extraordinary. My curve is basically gone. I'd guess 90% gone. I just watched it go down every month like clock work.

Even more amazing in some ways is the size I've gained. I don't have the exact measurements I started with (it was never my primary goal) but I now have a whopper of a penis. Easily a couple inches gained. Basically, my penis now kicks some serious ass. It has gone from Captain Hook to Chuck Norris.

Thoughts and Advice

I know it might be hard to believe but the truth is that you can dramatically improve your overall penis using the methods I talk about. That's all there is to it. Skeptics and cynics are plentiful, but I want to know where they are getting their information. Have they tried it firsthand? I doubt it very much.

This is one of those things you have to take a leap of faith in and try yourself. It's still almost underground, which makes it actually really cool. Yes it will take some work and dedication, but I would sacrifice twenty times more what I did to see the same results. This is life changing shit.

Well that's the end guys, the ball is in your court now. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and wish you all the best in your own personal journey.

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